10 Year Anniversary of 9-11 to be a Day of Healing for Martial Arts School in Long Beach, Ca.

Long Beach, California – September 11, 2011 – Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, an internationally renowned martial artist and chi kung healer, will be teaching a four hour workshop entitled, “The Path to a Healthier Life with Chi Kung” on September 11, 2011 at West Coast Wing Chun inside the Belmont Shores Chalet, 5107 E. Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach.

Commemorations of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. will be ubiquitous across the country. Television networks have aired and will continue to air specialized programming commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the infamous day. Americans will hold vigils and services, remembrance walks and concerts. Our emotions will be heightened as we relive the anger, sadness and fear we felt when we learned that 2,753 fellow Americans were killed right here on our soil.

However, a martial arts school in Long Beach, Ca. has decided to commemorate the event in a slightly less traditional manner. Sifu Bryan Talbot, head instructor at West Coast Wing Chun, decided to hold a four hour Chi Kung healing workshop entitled “The Path to a Healthier Life with Chi Kung” on September 11 at the Belmont Shores Chalet in Long Beach from 1pm to 5 pm. The workshop will be taught by renowned Chi Kung healer and martial artist, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, and has decided to open it to the public. “I wanted to provide the community with the opportunity to learn an art that promotes self-healing. How can we expect to heal the world from violence and war when everyday we battle our own inner turmoil? Peace and healing starts with each one of us. This is an opportunity to find peace within yourself.”

It may seem odd that a martial arts school emphasizes inner peace. Talbot explains, “With the Americanization of martial arts, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that Kung Fu originated with the Shaolin monks in China. Spirituality is inherent in the art.” He goes on to explain that the Chinese characters for Wu Shu, or martial art, literally translate to “end of violence.” “When we fight,” he explains, “we are not fighting an enemy. We are fighting ourselves.”

Chi Kung is a system of mental and physical training used to develop and direct vital energy within the human body. Chinese martial artists use chi kung as the method for developing inner power or chi. However, Chi Kung is by no means uniquely used by martial artists. The traditional Chinese medical community uses Chi Kung for achieving curative and restorative functions in the body, the Chinese general public practice it themselves for self-healing purposes and to achieve optimum health, and the religious community uses Chi Kung to attain enlightenment.

The practices of Chi Kung are differentiated by varying types of training: dynamic, static, and meditative. Dynamic training involves special movement and applies to exercise such as Tai Chi. Static training requires the practitioner to hold the body in a particular posture. Meditative training involves focus on specific ideas or intent, and breathing patterns. By learning correct posture, movement and how to activate relevant acupuncture points, a practitioner’s benefits may include improved health. increased relaxation physically and mentally, increased energy and vitalization.

Grandmaster Kwok is a licensed acupuncturist and has just recently retired from a career in Psychiatric Nursing in Manchester, England. He has practiced and studied Chi Kung for nearly fifty years and travels around the world teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu and Chi Kung at his affiliated fight clubs with locations on six different continents. Grandmaster Kwok is quickly becoming a world wide authority on Chi Kung healing and was recently acquired by a professional UK soccer team to treat team members injuries with Chi Kung healing.

Inquiries about workshop entitled, “The Path to a Healthier Life with Chi Kung” by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, made be directed to Sifu Bryan Talbot at westcoastwingchun@ipmankungfu.com or by calling 562-612-7332. Testimonies made be viewed at www.ipmankungfu.com/seminars.html.
West Coast Wing Chun will be offering Chi Kung classes under the lineage of Master Samuel Kwok in the coming months.

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West Coast Wing Chun Boot Camp 3 Month Course

West Coast Wing Chun will offer an all new Intro to Wing Chun Boot Camp class starting August 18th th in Long Beach, California which will be held on Thursdays from 8:00 pm. to 9:30 pm. Although, West Coast Wing Chun offers a complete Wing Chun curriculum, chief instructor Sifu Bryan Talbot designed an intensive three month training program for prospective students. Students must complete and pass this course to be accepted as an official West Coast Wing Chun family member and continue their studies. The boot camp is intended to prepare students for the discipline and physical and mental demands of a traditional martial art. The boot camp will contain rigorous technique based drills, practical applied Wing Chun techniques, Wing Chun principles and theories, the complete Siu Lim Tao form, as well as Qi Gong meditation.

Please go to www.ipmankungfu.com for more info.

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The Dojo Tester testing out Samuel Kwok Wing Chun

Please watch this online episode #8 of The Dojo Tester with Lee Bennett learning Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu from Samuel Kwok.  A great testament to Samuel Kwok’s Wing Chun.


They got a few facts a little messed up, but overall, Lee was really impressed with how smart Wing Chun is.  So, for the record, Grandmaster Kwok learned from both of Ip Man’s sons Ip Chun and Ip Ching. 

Learn Samuel Kwok’s Wing Chun in Long Beach, California at West Coast Wing Chun with Sifu Bryan Talbot. www.ipmankungfu.com

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Renowned Wing Chun Kung Fu Master, Samuel Kwok, heals 18-month old baby in Long Beach, California

written by Kimmy Squiers

Master Samuel Kwok, an internationally renowned Wing Chun Kung Fu fighter and founder of the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association based in the UK, healed an 18 month old baby in Long Beach, California on October 10, 2010.

Master Kwok came to Long Beach to conduct a Wing Chun seminar and Qi Gong for Healing seminar in conjunction with his Long Beach affiliated Wing Chun club, West Coast Wing Chun, at the Belmont Shores Chalet. It was Grandmaster Kwok’s first public seminar on Qi Gong and its healing applications.

Eighteen month old Brandon Rodriguez had suffered from a frozen shoulder since birth and was hardly able to move or raise his left arm. The arm was locked in an elevated and medially rotated position, severely affecting his balance. The child had been to massage therapists, doctors, and physical therapists to try to help him regain function of the arm. Physical therapists had actually bruised the arm trying to move it to the correct position, and his physicians recommended exploratory surgery.

Richard Gonzales, the baby’s father, brought Brandon to the Qi Gong seminar his wife was attending to see if Master Kwok could help Brandon. Using Qigong energy healing, bone-setting and Chinese Massage, Master Kwok released the trapezius muscle that kept the baby’s arm elevated in just a matter of minutes. Brandon’s father noted that the baby began using his arm immediately. Master Kwok insisted on treating Brandon the following evening. He worked on the child for another forty minutes using the aforementioned techniques with the addition of Chinese liniment. Brandon has regained use of his arm and is walking normally. The case has been documented:

Master Kwok is a licensed acupuncturist and has just recently retired from a career in Psychiatric Nursing in Manchester, England. He has practiced and studied Qi Gong for nearly 50 years and travels around the world teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu at his affiliated fight clubs. He has gained the respect of legendary fighters such as Paddy Monaghan and Carlson Gracie, and is the author of three Wing Chun books.

Training in Qi Gong focuses on breathing, building and directing energy or qi, deep concentration and intent. It is used ubiquitously throughout China for self-healing. West Coast Wing Chun will be offering Qi Gong classes under the lineage of Master Samuel Kwok in January. Inquiries about Qi Gong or Wing Chun classes may be directed to Sifu Bryan Talbot at westcoastwingchun@ipmankungfu.com, by calling 562-612-7332, or by visiting http://www.ipmankungfu.com

Most recent update from Richard Gonzales, Baby Brandon’s father – Nov 2, 2010:

Alma and I are pleased to say Brandon’s energy level has increased even more and he is also using his arm much more without hindrance and expressing himself more than usual.

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Kung Fu Family or Lineage Terms – Wing Chun

My Kung Fu family is just that.  A family.  The relationships we make on our Kung Fu path are life long, and the bonds we form must be sealed with trust and respect.  Here is a list of kung fu family lineage terms – they show respect where respect is due.

Lineage Terms

Chung Si – Grandmaster of a kung fu system
Dei Si Sing – Eldest Kung Fu brother
Jo Si – Founder of a style
Si Dei – Younger Kung Fu brother
Si Fu – Kung Fu father
Si Hing – Elder Kung Fu brother
Si Je – Elder Kung Fu sister
Si Jo – Teacher of Si Gung
Si Gung – Kung Fu grandfather
Si Mo – Wife of Sifu (Kung Fu mother)
Si Mui – Younger Kung Fu sister                                                                                                     Si Pak Gung – Ku Fu older great uncle                                                                                           Si Sok Gung – Kung Fu younger great uncle                                                                                   Si Sok – Kung Fu younger uncle                                                                                                       Si Pak – Elder Kung Fu uncle                                                                                                           To Suen – Kung Fu grandson                                                                                                       Tung Moon – Fellow student

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Ip Man’s Code of Conduct teaches values and ethics

Kung Fu is a way of life.  The path to a righteous and happy life are contained within its principles. Grandmaster Ip Man’s Code of Conduct helps keep us on this path.  It should be honored and respected.
Ip Man’s Code of Conduct

REMAIN disciplined – uphold yourself ethically as a martial artist.

PRACTICE courtesy and righteousness – serve community and honor your family.

LOVE your fellow students or classmates – be united and avoid conflicts.

LIMIT your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures – preserve the proper spirit.

TRAIN diligently and make it a habit – maintain your skills.

LEARN to develop spiritual tranquility – abstain from arguments and fights.

PARTICIPATE in society – be conservative, cultured and gentle in manners.

HELP the weak and the very young – use your martial skill for the good of humanity.

PASS on the tradition – preserve the Chinese art and its Rules of Conduct.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu – repetition, intent, resolve and trusting the flow.

Work’s effects are accumulative.  Whether it’s working daily on an upcoming seminar, like we are doing with the upcoming Samuel Kwok seminars, or whether it is practicing your Wing Chun.  It is the repetition, the intent, and the resolve of action that determines the effect of that action.  Wing Chun Masters do just this until their art becomes their breath, a way of life, that trusts in the next breath and the next.

Working on these seminars has been a practice in trusting and of knowing that with hard work comes results.  It is the attunement to flow – of knowing when to attack and when to back off that preserves our vitality.  Wing Chun knows this, and we are learning and hopefully applying this in our incredible endeavors with West Coast Wing Chun and especially these seminars.  So, yes, we have been working hard on the logistics of hosting these world-class seminars and establishing West Coast Wing Chun as a leading school in Ip Man Wing Chun on the West Coast.  It has been the time for attack.

We have spent three weeks designing the West Coast Wing Chun website, and it is now in the hands of our truly gifted web grandmaster.  This phase 2 of the website will include 30 pages with plans for great expansion.  The completed and flushed out seminar pages will be posted soon…however, currently you can still go to http://www.ipmankungfu.com/seminar.html to reserve your spot and pay for the seminars.

We encourage you to keep checking back to the site.  We’re excited about it and hope you are too.  Our future goals are to make it as interactive as possible – a place for students to hang out and learn about their Wing Chun heritage, about technique and socialize.

The Master Samuel Kwok Qi Gong seminar flyer is completed. Feel free to grab it and post it on your Facebook page or website.  We are excited about this one as it the first time Sifu Kwok will be officially teaching Qi Gong.  He is a 40 year practitioner and has much to teach us all.

In addition, we’ve written press releases and waivers and released them on the web. The internet search engines are finding us and people are calling about classes and the seminars.  We hope you do too.  We truly believe these seminars will make a difference in your fighting, and we are certain our Wing Chun classes will make a difference in your lives.  We live by its principles.

So, in closing, we’ve layer down an incredible foundation for West Coast Wing Chun organization.  We will work hard daily to manifest a mastery of teaching and uphold Ip Man’s Wing Chun as taught through Grandmaster’s Ip Chun and Ip Ching, and our sifu, Master Samuel Kwok.  We will trust that with practice and fortitude comes mastery in all things we do.  We hope you will too.

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Who is your favorite martial artist or fighter of all time?

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Master Samuel Kwok affiliates preserve Ip Man Wing Chun

West Coast Wing Chun is a part of a renowned kung fu family – the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Association.  Our sifu, Samuel Kwok expresses his vision:

“Our aim is to respect the wish of grandmaster Ip Man. About 6 weeks before he died he asked his 2 sons and his student Lau Hon Lam to film him performing the Wing Chun system as practice by him. He only managed Sil Lim Tau, Chum Kiu and the Dummy form. This is because he was in a lot of pain and was weak and unsteady on his feet. He was going to do Biu Gee, the Knife form and long pole. However Grandmaster Ip Chun and Ip Ching and Sifu Lau Hong Lam stopped Ip Man because Biu Gee, the knives and full pole form require a lot of energy to perform.

I want to pass on Ip Man Wing Chun as taught by Grandmaster Ip Man and Ip Ching and Ip Chun ”

Ip Man 8 mm footage as presented by Master Samuel Kwok.


Those of us who are honored by studying with Sifu Kwok share this vision.  The 8mm of Grandmaster Ip Man is priceless. We study 8mm, practice and listen to our sifu’s wise teachings.  He has spent his lifetime studying and perserving our heritage.

Click here for a list of West Coast Wing Chun’s kung fu family .

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The Secrets of Kung Fu Masters…

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