West Coast Wing Chun – Utah

West Coast Wing Chun – Layton, Utah

Lo Si Lee Kim heads up West Coast Wing Chun – Layton, Utah.  Bootcamp classes will be starting in April 2012.  If you are interested in classes or would like more information,  please call   Lo Si Lee at 801-989-6062 .

The West Coast Wing Chun – Layton, Utah Boot Camp course offers an  intensive three month training program for prospective students. Students must complete and pass this course to be accepted as an official West Coast Wing Chun family member and continue their studies. The boot camp is intended to prepare students for the discipline and physical and mental demands of a traditional martial art. The boot camp will contain rigorous technique based drills, practical applied Wing Chun techniques, Wing Chun principles and theories, the complete Siu Lim Tao form, as well as Qi Gong meditation.

Lo Si Lee Kim

Lo SI Lee KimAt the age of 10, Lee Kim was first introduced to “Lao Kune Do”, a form of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, by his brother-in-law. Inspired by this and and Tai Chi Chuan, Lee began a long journey into self-cultivation through independent research for the next 20 years. Within those years, Lee Kim continued to train what he learned of Lao Kune Do, but eventually became interested In learning wing chun and contacted Sifu Talbot in 2010. After dedicated training, Sifu Talbot accepted Lee as a student, and shortly thereafter as a disciple. Lee has been student instructing since 2011.

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